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Category: Computer Vision Projects

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Real Time object Recognition And counting system for smart individuals

Abstract: Detecting and recognizing Yolo objects in unstructured as well as structured environments is one of the most challenging tasks in computer vision and artificial intelligence research. This paper introduces a new computer vision-based obstacle detection method for mobile technology and its applications. Each individual image pixel is classified as belonging either to an obstacle


Learning Spatio Temporal Information for Multi Object Tracking

Abstract: The project presents moving object detection based on background subtraction under Daubechies wavelet transform domain for video surveillance system. The object detection in frequency domain will be approached to segment objects from foreground with absence of background noise. Initially it starts with background initialization by choosing start frame or taking initial few frames with


Exposure of fire in jungle through computer vision

Abstract: Fire detects using image processing. Here in this project I’m using open CV and python for fire detection. I created a HAAR Cascade Classifier for fire detection using Open CV. It has trainer and detector for train our own cascade classifier, HAAR Cascade is used to detect object for which it has been trained.


Sorting the types of birds using computer vision

Abstract: Bird populations are identified as important biodiversity indicators, so collecting reliable population data is important to ecologists and scientists. However, existing manual monitoring methods are labour-intensive, time-consuming, and potentially error prone. The aim of our work is to develop a reliable automated system, capable of classifying the species of individual birds, during flight, using


Disease detection of leaves using Neural Network and computer vision

Abstract: Agricultural productivity is that issue on that Indian Economy extremely depends. this is often the one in all the explanations that malady detection in plants plays a very important role in the agriculture field, as having the malady in plants are quite natural. If correct care isn’t taken during this space then it causes


Spotting of COVID-19 from X-Ray images with Keras, Tensor Flow, and Deep Learning

Abstract: In our Project we implemented on classification method Early detection of Detecting COVID-19is crucial in reducing mortality. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be a viable imaging technique for Detecting COVID-19detection have been studied for computed tomography (CT) images. However, to the best of our knowledge, no detection methods have been carried out for the


Identification of Forged money using neural network and computer vision

Aim: currency note identification using wavelet transform analysis   Abstract: This paper propose an image processing technique to extract paper currency denomination .Automatic detection and recognition of Indian currency note has gained a lot of research attention in recent years particularly due to its vast potential applications. It is shown that Indian currencies can be


Calculating the presence of blood cell using computer vision

Abstract: The Blood cells white, red and platelets are important part of the immune system. These cells help fight infections by attacking bacteria, viruses, and germs that invade the body. White blood cells originate in the bone marrow but circulate throughout the bloodstream, while red blood cell helps transport oxygen to our body and platelets


Identification of Parkinson’s Disease using OpenCV

Abstract: Early detection of Parkinson‟s Disease (PD) is very crucial for effective management and treatment of the disease. Dopaminergic images such as Single Photon Emission Tomography (SPECT) using 123I-Ioflupane can substantially detect Parkinson‟s Disease at an early stage. However, till today, these images are mostly interpreted by humans which can manifest interobserver variability and inconsistency.


Discover the age and gender of a person through deep learning

Predicting the apparent age and gender from a picture is a very interesting problem from a technical point of view but can also be very useful when applied to better understand consumer segments or a user base for example. It can be used to infer the age or gender of a user and use this


Online Signature Verification using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and OpenCV

Abstract: This paper studies online signature verification on touch interface-based mobile devices. A simple and effective method for signature verification is developed. An online signature is represented with a discriminative feature vector derived from attributes of several histograms that can be computed in linear time. The resulting signature template is compact and requires constant space.


Automatic Detection and Classification of Weaving Fabric Defects Based on CV

Abstract: image processing technology to identify the sources of fabric defect in textile enterprises. Adopting image-recognition technology, through the fabric digital image pre-processing and recognition using feature detection and extraction of the fabric. Then the defect related information is stored in order to achieve automatic fabric defect detection which ultimately improves the efficiency of defect


Computerized fruit rating using computer vision

Abstract: Digital image processing, along with computer vision techniques, can be applied for automatic gradation of fruits based on the quality depending on the fruit type. It can increase the commercial value of the production. This paper presents an automated approach for fruit grading. First, it classifies the type of the fruit by using the

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