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Category: Cloud Computing Projects

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User-Level Runtime Security Auditing for the Cloud

Objective: We propose a privacy-preserving mechanism that supports public auditing on shared data stored in the cloud.   Synopsis: In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving mechanism that supports public auditing on shared data stored in the cloud. In particular, we exploit ring signatures to compute verification metadata needed to audit the correctness of shared


Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search

Objective: The proposed personalized mobile search engine is an innovative approach for personalizing web search results. By mining content concepts for user profiling, it utilizes both the content preferences to personalize search results for a user.   Domain: Data mining   Synopsis: We propose a personalized search engine that captures the users’ preferences in the


Real time video streaming platform device for mobile networks

Objective: In this paper, to realized a prototype of this architecture to validate the feasibility of the proposed method. According to the experiment, this method could provide efficient self-adaptive multimedia streaming services for varying bandwidth environments.    Domain: Cloud Computing   Synopsis: Cloud multimedia services provide a capable, flexible, and scalable data processing method and


Secured Erasure Code Based Algorithm For Cloud Data Security in Distributed Storage System

Abstract:  High-speed networks and ubiquitous Internet access become available to users for access anywhere at any time. Cloud computing is a concept that treats the resources on the Internet as a unified entity, a cloud. Cloud storage is a model of networked online storage where data is stored in virtualized pools of storage which are generally hosted by


A Hybrid Cloud Approach For Secure Authorized Deduplication

Objective: To implement a prototype of the proposed authorized duplicate check and evaluate the overhead of the prototype. The overhead is minimal compared to the normal convergent encryption and file upload operations.   Synopsis: Data deduplication is one of important data compression techniques for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data, and has been widely used

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