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Category: NITK - STEP Training

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NITK STEP – Workshop on Autonomous Robotics

The workshop on  Autonomous Robotics  comprises of robots which function depending on inputs from sensors and are controlled with the help of microcontrollers. The workshop helps participants understand the use of sensors, microcontrollers, microcontroller programming and mechanical design of autonomous robots. Organized by STEP NITK in association with Pantech E Learning, this workshop provides the


One Month Internship on Electric Vehicle Design – NITK STEP & IEEE

Take a beep look into foresee future. Get deep insight into the EV terminologies, Design Process, Tools and Considerations. Dive into the inner workings of EV Concepts.. Designed adeptly for beginners to Professionals, this Internship on EV will whet your desires on E Vechicles


One Month Internship on IoT with Machine Learning – NITK STEP & IEEE

Looking for a career in Iot with Machine Learning? This Intern is the best suited for you. Learn from the scratch to creating complex algorithms on Machine Learning and IoT Applications. Practical Assignments make this internship an exemplary learning platform for knowledge acquisition.

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