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Computer Vision Latest Online Projects in Chennai

Computer Vision

One of the most interesting topics of AI has been Computer Vision (CV) techniques. For the last few years, it is using in new domains, such as robotics, surveillance, and also in healthcare.

It is a powerful AI technology. It is basically a field of study that has focused on solving the problem of computers’ vision.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have many branches. CV is among the most prominent ones. One of the best ways to learn this technology is by completing computer vision projects.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a field of study which allows computers to understand the visual world humans can see. It’s a subset of AI which collects information from digital images or videos. It then processes them to define their attributes.

The complete process involves acquiring image data, screening, analysing, identifying it and then extracting information. Therefore computers can understand any visual content and work on it accordingly.

How it works?

Humans can identify the objects and the surroundings visible to them. However, it is difficult for computers to identify visuals, images, and objects in the nature.

The main reason for this difficulty is because the interpretation of the human brain and eyes are different from computers. Computers interpret the outputs in binary 0’s or 1’s.

The images are converting in arrays of three dimensions consisting of RGB colours red, blue, and green. They have a range that can compute from values 0 to 255. Thus we can write code using this conventional means of arrays to identify and recognize images.

Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Any Artificial Intelligence system depends on CV if they process visual information. Also when an Artificial Intelligence identifies certain objects and categorizes images based on its content, it is performing image recognition.

Image recognition is also a crucial part of Computer Vision.

AI and CV share topics such as pattern recognition of pattern and learning techniques.

Therefore, CV is sometimes seen as a part of the AI field or the computer science field in general.

Doing projects are the best way to learn a technology

If you are planning to build a career in computer vision then you need to start working on real-time computer vision projects.

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What are the applications?

Computer vision allows self-driving cars to make sense of their environment. CV technique also plays a crucial role in face recognition applications, the technology that allows computers to match images of people’s faces to their identities.

Online photo libraries like Google Photos are also using computer vision to identify objects and automatically categorize the images by the type of content they contain.

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