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Building a best Robot car using Arduino?

Building a best Robot car using Arduino?


What is an Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source platform used to building electronics projects. It consists of i.e.; physical programmed circuit card and IDE that runs on the computer, and upload code to the physical board.

Building a best robot car using Arduino?

  1. Material:
  • Two motors
  • Two wheels
  • Arduino microcontroller board
  • Motor driver circuit
  • Battery holder and 6 volts of batteries (e.g., four AA batteries)
  • Chassis: a sheet of acrylic
  1. Attach wheels and motors to the chassis. Thread each wheel on one among the motors. Glue the motor on the chassis as follows:
  • Mark two locations one end of the chassis, i.e.; opposite each other.
  • Glue one motor on each location, i.e.; on the upper side of the chassis. Make sure the wheel hangs over the sting so it can roll along the bottom.
  1. Glue on the battery holder. Add a amount of glue to the highest side of the chassis, i.e.; between the wheels. Press the battery holder and let set.
  2. Attach the motor driver circuit on one side of the chassis, i.e.; with wires hanging over the sting.
  3. Position the Arduino. Glue Arduino on the chassis, tucked opposite driving force circuit. When positioning it, i.e.; confirm to access the socket for plugging Arduino into the pc.
  4. Cut four lengths of wire. Need four pieces of insulated wire, i.e.; with each end of the stripped. Each wire should be about 5 inches (13cm) long.
  5. Solder two wires on one of the motor. Solder one wire onto each of the 2 motor pins
  6. Solder the other ends to the motor driver. Find motor pins of the motor driver circuit that are labeled m1 and m2. Solder opposite ends 2 wires on these pins.
  7. Repeat for the other motor. Solder opposite two wires of the 2 pins on the second motor. Solder the opposite ends of those wires onto the driving force pins labeled m3 and m4.
  8. Connect the battery holder. The battery holder has two attached wires, i.e.; one positive (red) and one negative (black). Connect these as follows:
  • Connect positive wire to the Vin pin on the Arduino
  • Connect the negative wire to the ground pin on the Arduino
  1. Connect the motor driver circuit. The motor driver has two wires also. Connect this to the Arduino, i.e.; make it contact with wires from the battery holder:
  • Connect positive pin to the motor driver circuit of the Vin pin on the Arduino.
  • Connect the ground pin on the motor driver circuit to the Arduino.

How to Programming the Robot Car?

The robot operating is predicate on line-following sensors, which count on the runway configuration, will detect the presence or absence of a black or white band. The IR sensor modules will detect the range, and when the robot moves out of the trail described by the range, the sensors will send a sign to the Arduino indicating the variation within the detection of the black, or white color, i.e.; which can be the color of the range.

When this happens, the Arduino will start the required engine in order that the trail is corrected as soon as possible. When the trail has curves, the IR sensor modules will add an equivalent way, i.e.; decelerating the required motors in order that it’s possible to form the curve in the desired direction.

The ultrasonic sensor ahead of the robot will detect the presence of an obstacle along the way, and if it does, i.e.; a sign is going to be sent to the Arduino, which, through its programming, will correct the trail to avoid the thing.

How Pantech help building a best robot car using Arduino?

Pantech eLearning helps building a best robot car using Arduino. Pantech eLearning offers i.e.; internship, courses, workshops and projects on Arduino.

It will help to demonstrate how to assemble such devices and programmed by using Arduino platform as a basis. This will able to create devices that read the data about the external world i.e.; with a variety of sensors, receive and forward data to a PC, the Internet and mobile devices, and control indexing and the movement.

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