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Best Wireless Sensor Network project for Security Attacks

Best Wireless Sensor Network project for Security Attacks

What is a wireless sensor network

A wireless sensor network is a wireless network consist of autonomous devices i.e.; using sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions, like temperature, sound, vibration, pressure, motion or pollutants, at different locations.

Best Wireless Sensor Network project for Security Attacks

WSNs employs multi-hop transmission mode to overcome the constraints. It operates in environments and can be subjected to side channel attacks, such as differential power analysis. In these attacks, i.e.; the adversary monitors system, repeats an equivalent operation, and takes careful measurements of power consumed during a cycle basis so as to either recover the secret key.

Applications of Wireless Sensor Network

  • These networks are utilized in i.e.; environmental tracking, like forest detection, animal tracking, flood detection, forecasting, and weather prediction.
  • Military applications, i.e.; like tracking and environment monitoring surveillance applications use these networks. The sensor nodes are dropped in the field of interest and are remotely controlled by a user. Enemy tracking, security detections also are performed by using these networks.
  • Health applications, like Tracking and monitoring of patients and doctors use these networks.
  • The most frequently used wireless sensor network applications i.e.; within the field of Transport systems like monitoring of traffic, dynamic routing management, and monitoring of parking lots, etc.
  • Rapid emergency response, process monitoring, climate control, ecosystem monitoring, civil structural health monitoring, etc., use these networks.

Types of Wireless Sensor Networks

Terrestrial WSNs: It is capable to communicate efficient and contains thousands of wireless sensor nodes deployed in unstructured or structured manner. In an unstructured mode, i.e.; the sensor nodes are distributed within the target that dropped from a tough plane.

Underground WSNs: It contains several sensor nodes that are hidden within the ground to watch underground conditions. The sensor battery equipped with limited power difficult to recharge. In addition to this, it makes wireless communication a challenge due to the high level of signal loss.

Under Water WSNs: The networks consist of several sensor nodes and vehicles deployed underwater. Autonomous underwater vehicles are used i.e.; for gather data from sensor nodes. It involves development of underwater communication and networking techniques.

Multimedia WSNs: The networks contain low-cost sensor nodes equipped with microphones and cameras. It requires i.e.; high bandwidth for the content to be delivered easily.

Mobile WSNs: It contains a set of sensor nodes which will be moved and interacted with the physical environment. Mobile wireless sensor networks are far more versatile than static sensor networks.

Benefits of Wireless Sensor Networks

  • It is scalable and can accommodate any new devices at any time.
  • It is flexible and hence hospitable physical partitions.
  • All WSN nodes can be access through centralized monitoring system.
  • As it is wireless in nature, it doesn’t require wires or cables.
  • WSNs are often i.e.; applied on large scale and in various domains like mines, healthcare, surveillance, agriculture etc.
  • It uses different security algorithms as per underlying wireless technologies and provide reliable network for consumers.

How Pantech help to overview the importance of WNS for Security Attacks

Pantech eLearning help to overview the importance of WNS for Security Attacks. Pantech eLearning offers i.e.; internships, courses, workshops and projects on WNS.

It helps to learn basic concepts of knowledge of deployment and security issued of Wireless sensor networks. This course develops in-depth of knowledge and understand of wireless sensor networks.

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