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Best Projects on Deep Learning in Chennai

Projects on Deep Learning

Deep learning is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) function that emulates the workings of the human mind in processing information. It is using in detecting objects, understanding speech, converting languages, and also taking decisions. It’s a sub-category of machine learning where artificial neural networks, algorithms influenced by the human brain. They learn from huge quantities of information. The popularity of Deep Learning increases over the past few years. Therefore the demand for Projects on Deep Learning is increasing drastically.

Why is Deep Learning Important?

Deep learning is on rage and is gaining tons reputation because of its supremacy in phrases of accuracy nowadays. Most important tech organizations are investing highly in deep learning as it has emerge as important in every zone as a way of creating machines clever. Deep learning thrives in regions such as natural language processing, computer vision and pattern identification. Therefore many of the current advances in deep learning have occurred in those areas.

Deep learning has improved advancements in natural language processing and dramatically stepped forward translation systems. Computer vision is another area worth noting that has been stepped forward from the usage of deep learning. Deep learning algorithms are also capable of identifying patterns from pictures and then extrapolate that to new pics. It will continue to have extra use instances as we create impressive quantities of records every day.

Where can you find the best Projects on Deep Learning?

Pantech eLearning is an Online Learning Service provider in Chennai. We are providing latest Projects on Deep Learning.

Given below is the list of Top Projects on Deep Learning we are providing:

  1. Speech Emotion Recognition

The project presents speech emotion recognition from speech signal base on features analysis and also NN-classifier.

  1. Social Distance Monitoring System

We introduce the Social Distancing (VSD) problem, defined as the automatic estimation of the inter-personal distance from an image.

  1. DNA Fragmentation Pattern Recognition

In this paper, we solve the problem by use of the probability method and also metric instead of traditional frequency metric.

  1. Fetal Brain Detection and Classification

The goal is classifying the fetal brain and also detecting the abnormalities. In this paper we present a computational tool for detection by convolution neural network (CNN). A CNN passes an image through the network layers and finally outputs a final class.

  1. License Plate Recognition

This paper presents license plate recognition system using connected component analysis and also template matching model for accurate identification.

  1. Smart Traffic Light Control System based on vehicle count

In this system we are going to implement crowd based traffic control light system using CNN. Lane will be getting open on the basis of crowd at the desired lane.

  1. Food Calories Detection

This paper proposes a method of ingredient-based food calorie estimation using nutrition knowledge and information.

  1. Human Action Recognition using Neural Networks

The objective of this project is to recognise and also annotate the human action in an unconstrained environment, where the images contain a huge range of variability.

  1. Aircraft Recognition In Satellite Images

In this paper by using neural network the oil spill regions has been extracted in radar image.

  1. Object Recognition

The project presents object characteristics analysis using image processing techniques for automated vision system using at agricultural field.

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