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Best MATLAB Projects for Beginners in India


Best Matlab projects for beginners in India

Best MATLAB Projects for Beginners in India

Pantech is one of the best MATLAB projects for beginners which helps to make and develop a strong foundation on MATLAB. It provides with various MATLAB projects with guidance and training. They provide guidance so that students get good understanding of it and implement efficaciously. The projects are applicable in different fields like education for teaching subjects like numerical analysis, direct algebra and in the exploration field for image processing.


About Pantech

Pantech is a platform which helps to understand the uses of MATLAB to illustrate general concepts in computer science and programming. It helps to gain an understanding of the general concepts of programming and obtain a solid foundation in the use of MATLAB projects.


List of MATLAB Projects

Fingerprint Recognition using MATLAB:

It’s one of the biometric technologies used to verify the fingerprints of humans. These are substantially used for identifying the person’s uniqueness and thickness. The images can be manipulated through the digital image processing and it can be attain through developing an algorithm based on a computer to reuse these images. It’s a technology extensively use in digital image operations namely feature extraction, recognition of pattern, morphology and segmentation.


Real-Time Face Detection with MATLAB:

Face detection can find operations in numerous areas. It uses face detection capabilities for image improvement, security, as well as surveillance. This builds a MATLAB- based face detection system, and use the algorithm. It creates a sensor object and takes the primary image to finds the necessary features and annotates them. This design will give the experience working with facial recognition technology which has gained popularity in numerous fields.


Drowsy Driver Detection using MATLAB:

The detection of the drowsy driver is a significant factor that can cause the number of vehicle accidents. There are different types of technologies for detecting drowsiness like EEG, eye blink detectors, etc. Also, this design utilizes a web camera to detect drowsiness. In this project, a web camera is interfaced with the computer, so that it detects the driver’s eye movements when he’s tired also it captures the images of a driver while he’s sleeping. These images can be acquire as well as processed through MATLAB.


Identifying Vehicle Number plates using MATLAB:

This is an extensively use operation of MATLAB and it’ll be a great chance for to produce one such system from scratch. Substantially such systems are use for surveillance to track un parked vehicles, track vehicles that broke the signal, to check vehicle is authorize, etc. These automated systems use character segmentation and optical character recognition techniques to extract the vehicle’s plate number from the image.


Hand Gesture Recognition using MATLAB:

The system is use to design a project namely a hands gesture recognition system using MATLAB. This project uses EMG to estimate and record the electrical movement which is generate from the skeletal muscles. It’s to identify the hand gestures through the EMG signals. These signals are attain from EMG electrodes and amplified by using an instrumentation amplifier. The signals can be refine through MATLAB and active LPF for signal processing.


Advantages of MATLAB

  • Complex mathematical operations like matrix multiplication and addition can be easily fulfill in a single code by using MATLAB.
  • It offers a huge set of toolboxes and functions, allowing easy solving of CFD or fluid inflow and heat transfer problems very quickly.
  • It allows the import and export of data to or from a text using a single command which is very useful for analysis of previously record data. MATLAB allows storage of data in excel files.
  • Data can also be save with simple commands, which are easy to use by storing in a vector or matrix.
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