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Best IoT Projects in Chennai for Students

Best IoT Projects

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of devices or objects that are connected using internet and are able to collect and share information over a wireless network without any human activities. Connecting up a majority of these extraordinary objects and including sensors to them make those devices digitally intelligent. The IoT is making the fabric of the world around us extra smarter and also greater responsive, merging the digital and physical worlds.  So, if you are a new comer, the good thing you can do is work on some of the Best IoT Projects.

What are the benefits of Internet of Things?

Internet of things (IoT) is a trending technology that makes our lives less difficult and happier. IoT has been all of the rage during the last couple of years. Therefore the considerable use of sensors and wi-fi connectivity among gadgets has expanded to the fashion. The boom brings in turn, easily to be had generation for hobbyists to discover. Also, connecting the whole thing to the Internet looks as if a good concept.

Internet of Things is growing faster with more devices getting connected each day. There are many areas of programs of the internet of things such as consumer, healthcare, business, transportation, security, leisure and plenty of others. The list of possible packages of IoT is endless.

IoT technology waves us to the world wherein we can connect, have interaction and command any tool using the net. It’s far a giant community of connecting objects and people. Additionally with this simple and strong technology, we can make Best IoT Projects to control any electronic gadgets at domestic or in industries.

Where can you find the Best IoT Projects?

Pantech eLearning is an Online Learning Service provider in Chennai. We are providing some of the Best IoT Projects. Our Internet of Things Projects guides you to the world of IoT and also its amazing applications.

Given below is the list of the Best IoT Projects we are providing:

  1. Smart Helmet


In this system, there are two sensors for checking if the rider wears helmet and to check if he is drunken or not. It mainly aims in the prevention, detection and also reporting of accidents.


  1. Blind People Navigation System


This projects aims to design and also implement a deep learning based vision assistant module for the visually impaired.


  1. Smart Energy Meter


Environmental sensors embed with ZigBee router modules are distribute to different locations to collect the environmental data.


  1. Wet and Dry Waste Segregation


Solid waste and also electronic waste materials can be segregate to automatically those are obtaining from each house in cities or town using IOT.


  1. Automatic Ambulance Rescue System


The ambulance is controlling by the central unit which furnishes the scantest route to the ambulance and also controls the traffic light according to the ambulance location.


  1. Smart Electronic Voting System Based On Biometric Identification


  1. Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System


  1. IoT based Smart Umbrella system


  1. Card less transaction using biometric identification


  1. Iot Management System For Smart City


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