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How Augmented Reality is used in education sector?

How Augmented Reality is used in education sector?


What is Augmented Reality? 

Augmented reality is an enhanced version of the important physical world that’s achieved through the utilization of digital visual elements, sound or other sensor delivered via technology. It is an growing trend among companies involved in mobile computing and business applications. How Augmented Reality is used in the education sector? Let’s find out

How augmented reality is used in education sector?

Augmented reality techniques are defined of those teaching ideas that arise around Information Technologies and new educational approaches based on collaboration, interaction, creativity and innovation. The objective of augmented reality in education is to create environments with a high degree of participation and interactivity, to create, design, modify, experiment and become more actively involved within the learning process.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in education:

Accessible learning materials: It has potential to replace paper textbooks, physical models, posters, printed manuals. It offers portable and less expensive learning materials. As a result, education becomes more accessible.

No special equipment is required: It doesn’t require any expensive hardware, because all teens own a smartphone, and AR technologies immediately available to be used for the bulk of the audience.

Higher student engagement and interest: Interactive, gamified AR learning can have a big positive impact on students. It keeps them engage throughout the lesson and makes learning fun.

Improved collaboration capabilities: It offer opportunities to diversify interactive lessons, where all students involved in the learning process at the same time, help improve teamwork skills.

A faster learning process: It helps students achieve better results through visualization and full immersion in the subject matter. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, rather than reading theory about something, students can see it with their own eyes, in action.

Practical learning: The professional training also can benefit greatly from the utilization of AR. For example, accurate reproduction of in-field conditions can help master skills required for a particular job.

Safe and efficient workplace training: The ability to practice in operation or operating an area shuttle without putting people or risking many dollars in damage if something goes wrong. It is possible with AR.

How Augmented Reality in education works? 

AR is part of a Extended Reality concept, which includes VR and MR technologies. It enhances real-world environment with text, sound effects, graphics, and multimedia. AR brings an enriched version of immediate surroundings by digital content on top of the graphic representation of the world.

However, AR content is generated with software, which remains developed for a selected AR-hardware vendor.  Augmented reality in education and training features a big selection of uses and adopt to learn-on going using real-time instructions.

Why Augmented Reality important in Education?

  • The object and text recognition feature in AR help teachers to overlay information, visuals, and different sorts of content on a standard chalkboard
  • Augmented reality provides the visual representation of the learning material and enables teachers to impart interactive learning
  • The augmented reality in education makes teaching surface more intelligent, enables digital devices to capture and generate plenty of relevant insights

How Pantech eLearning overview the Augmented Reality used in Education Sector?

Pantech eLearning overview how Augmented Reality used in education sector. Pantech eLearning offers internships, courses, workshops and projects on Augmented Reality.

This course is meant curious about creating Augmented Reality apps. It will teach you the fundamentals of augmented reality. And, also you can gain in-depth knowledge of augmented reality and its application. Learn about the computer vision, and visual consistency understanding of AR and its software.

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