Build a Successful Career in AI Domain!

The 3 Hours Artificial Intelligence Mastermind Workshop is a LIVE Hands-on journey to help go from Zero to Hero in AI
(from the scratch)


Do you want to Learn & Master Artificial Intelligence and build a Successful Career in AI Domain?

The 3 Hours Artificial Intelligence Mastermind Workshop is a LIVE Hands-on journey to help go from Zero to Hero in AI
(from the scratch)

Learn the Basic to Advanced concepts of AI

AI Model Creation

Create & Test AI Prediction Models

Upskill AI Insights

Implement your first AI Project

3 Hours Live


14th Oct 2023


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What will you learn in this AI Workshop?

The Ultimate Concept behind AI

Learn from scratch the application and the concepts of AI and the specific libraries that lead to the massive growth of AI

Prediction Model Creation using AI

Learn with a Step-by-Step Approach to create a Character Recognition Model based on AI from Scratch

Create a Complete Project on AI

Create a Complete Project on Real Time Character Recognition using AI – from the scratch and implement the learned strategies throught the workshop

Specifics behind Data Collection & Labelling

Learn the First step towards AI Creation – Data Collection and Labelling. Get Insights into the Sources and Data, process of Manipulating them to a processable dataset

Complete AI Implementation Framework

Get complete Insight into the AI Domain starting from Scratch and a step by step Framework to develop and implement AI Projects with ease

AI Career Launchpad

Expert Insights into a Step-by-Step approach towards your aim of a Successful AI Career Path

More than 5750+ students have enrolled and successfully implemented AI Projects

Who is this AI workshop for ?

Staff / Students

If you are a Staff or Student / Research Scholar and want to upskill in the domain of AI , then this is the Apt Program that you are looking for. Get Deep Insights in the AI Domain and add value to skillset that can contribute your academic and career Upliftment

Working Professionals

If you are in the Software field and want to master the in-demand skill of AI then this workshop is for you. Learning this In-demand skill will help you get high-paying jobs in the top MNCs and Startups you can think of.

Job Seekers / Entrepreneurs

If you’re a Job Seeker / Entrepreneur and want to start your journey in Ai, join and learn one of the highest paying & most in-demand skills in the AI Industry.

Register before midnight of 13th Oct 2023

To Unlock All Bonuses worth Rs 20,000

Bonus 1

Complete Dataset Bundle

Worth Rs.4500

Bonus 2

AI Algorithms Sheet

Worth Rs.4500

Bonus 3

Character Recognition Project Code

Worth Rs.2000

Bonus 4

AI Career Roadmap

Worth Rs.4000

Bonus 5

20+ Code Snippets -Multiple Applications

Worth Rs.5000

Get Certified

Yes! You will be certified by Pantech which brings a lot of credibility to your certificate & your resume.

You should join this AI workshop if

Want to Learn & Upskill yourself in AI Domain

Planning for a Career in the AI Domain

Have a Passion towards Learning AI Updates

Looking for Experience in Python & AI Certifications

Our Learners Works At

Know your mentor

Complex Design & Deeplearning Concept

Computer Vision based Image processing specialist

Resource Mentor for 10+ FDP’s & 115+ Workshops PAN INDIA

Working currently in AI Firmware for Application Development

Hi, I am Phillip Bedit AJJ , AI Project Engineer ( Industry Projects ) a with over 5+ years of experience in the AI, Machine Learning and Deeplearning (Image Prcessing).
As a AI Project Engineer have worked with multiple Complex projects & Applications. I look forward to sharing my AI Expertise & Knowledge with you.


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