What are advantages and disadvantages of Raspberry Pi?

What are advantages and disadvantages of Raspberry Pi?


What is Raspberry Pi?

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Raspberry Pi  is that it may be a low cost, credit-card sized computer i.e.; capable of little device which enable people to explore computing, and to find out the way to program in languages like Scratch and Python.

How Does the Raspberry Pi Work?

The SD card inserted into the slot on the board acts as the hard drive for the Raspberry Pi. It is powered by USB and video output can be hooked up to a i.e.; TV set, a modern monitor, or even a TV using the HDMI port. This gives all the basic abilities of a normal computer.

What are advantages and disadvantages of Raspberry Pi?

Advantages of Raspberry Pi:

  • This microcomputer is useful for small business that run on a lower budget to use their product or to invent new technology that embeds the product. Small business owners can use it to automate any small task, i.e.; such as using the Pi to run a website or use it as a small database and media server.
  • The product does not require user to have extensive programming experience since it is aimed for the younger generation to learn about programming. Python, the programming language i.e.; Pi uses, is a smaller amount complex than other languages available. It has better code readability and allows the user to type concepts using fewer number of lines. Python also has a automatic memory management function.
  • The product gives a lot of room to experiment and turn it into something else i.e.; entirely different. The SD cards on the board can be easily switched, i.e.; which allows to change the functions of the device without spending a lot of time re-installing the software.
  • The Raspberry Pi is perfect for adaptive technology and it is able to display images or play videos i.e.; at high-definition resolution to building systems such as prototyping embedded systems. This product makes it possible to build complex and effective at a cheaper price.
  • The product is efficient and i.e.; provides an ethical alternative to small businesses. This small card sized product i.e.; makes it easy to recycle and does not release as much carbon dioxide emissions into the environment, i.e.; unlike big servers that need lots of energy and extensive cooling systems.

Disadvantages of Raspberry Pi:

  • It does not replace the computer, and the processor is not as fast. It is a time consuming to download and install software i.e.; unable to do any complex multitasking.
  • Not compatible with the other operating systems such as Windows.
  • This is fit for those who want a gadget that they can tailor to their own needs and tastes, i.e.; not for those that just wants to urge a job done fast. Business owners need to consider the extra hassle if is worth it.
  • This product not be useful for bigger business that already have big servers, i.e.; which would already do everything that the Raspberry Pi does. So, it would not be worth and it take time to get to put it together.

How Pantech help to overview about the Raspberry Pi?

Pantech eLearning help to overview about the Advantages & Disadvantages of Raspberry Pi. Pantech eLearning offers i.e.; internships, courses, workshops and projects on Raspberry Pi.

This course help to understand the Raspberry Pi platform. In addition to, you’ll find out how to line up the Raspberry Pi environment, i.e.; get a Linux OS running, and write and execute some basic code on the Raspberry Pi.

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